Production Planning – Key Factors

Every company, in order to maximize their productivity, will need a good production plan. One thing to note is that it is a complex process to execute effective planning. This process covers many different activities to make sure that equipment, human resources, and materials are available where and when they are needed. Production planning can be described as a roadmap that will help your company know where they are going and how long it will take them to arrive there.

Production planning advantages

• Eliminates wasted time
• Reduces labor costs
• Improves process flow
• Reduces inventory costs by decreasing too much work-in-progress inventories and the need for safety stocks
• Increases capacity and optimizes equipment usage
• The on-time deliveries of services and products are improved

Production planning key factors

• Market expectations-in order to effectively plan, your company should be able to estimate potential sales. Most companies will not have a firm number for future sales but they should be able to forecast sales based on established order or market trends.
• Inventory control-a company should have in place a sound inventory system along with establishing a reliable inventory level.
• Human resources and equipment availability-good production planning will help a company manage their open time, which is the time frame allowed between processes. This time will allow all orders move smoothly within the production service or line. It means that you will have enough employees to work the production line so that the products customers need will be available. It is not a good idea to plan for full capacity on the production line. The company should leave room for any changes and unexpected priorities.
• Time and steps standardized on the progress map-the company should map out the processes how they happen to determine the production steps to complete the job. Then they will need to incorporate the approximate time it took to complete the work. The company needs to remember that the many of the steps may happen at the same time and they often do not happen in sequence. Once the company completes the process map, it will help them understand how long it took to complete the process. Standardizing time and work involved when doing similar or repeated work will help to speed up significantly the planning process of the company.

Production planning also needs to address certain key elements in advance of production to make sure that there is an uninterrupted flow of work. They need to make sure that the material needed is ordered so it is available when needed. If any special equipment is needed they need to procure it early, especially if it needs installed. The company should make sure their employees are trained for any new equipment.

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3 Strategies to Be Merciless on YOUR Excuses – Stay Productive

“Small differences in key areas can lead to enormous differences in results.”

Why haven’t you accomplished your goals? Who is in control; YOU or Your excuses? You can always come up with dozens of reasons why you have not achieved your goals. The dog ate your gym clothes, there is not enough opportunities in your chosen career, or too many people are already doing that business, so it will not work for you. The list of excuses is endless. However, if you want to be successful, redirect the energy you put into making excuses into making progress. Everybody has some distractions in their life, but productive people achieve their goals in spite of life’s obstacles.

Draw a line in the sand – There are so many distractions in today’s world that few people manage their time effectively. They are easily distracted by their cell phone, social media, emails, text messages and meaningless conference calls. When something is a priority in your life, you have to be willing to walk away from anything that is standing in its way. Being deliberate about how you spend your time is essential for being productive.

You have to be deliberate in making conscious decisions about what you want and why, then work effectively to achieve it. Being deliberate with time is essential to being productive in a meaningful way. It forces you to be present, to ask yourself questions, time and again, about what is the most important thing to accomplish, instead of passively responding to whatever the environment presents. A common mistake many people make is that they go about their day without any focus or direction. Your time is your most valuable asset. When you value yourself, you value your time.

Make plans – No two people plan, organize or operate the same way. Understanding your personal planning style can help you improve your skills and identify your strengths and weaknesses. The key to getting your work life organized is doing what makes sense for you. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Effective planning is essentially survival skills, since your plans form the foundation of how you assess and execute your work. Planning your time should be one of the qualities that you take seriously if you desire to make the most of your life. It is rightly said that a person who does not respect time does not respect his or her own self.

Time management experts recommend using a personal planning tool to improve your productivity. Examples of personal planning tools include electronic planners, calendars, index cards, and notebooks. Writing down your tasks, schedules, and memory joggers can free your mind to focus on your priorities. The key is to find one planning tool that works for you and use that tool consistently. It’s empowering to realize you have more control than you ever knew over what you achieve in life.

Put the work in, earn yours – Are the goals you are struggling to achieve just too difficult? Probably not. Most likely, you have not put the dedicated work in to accomplish them. If your goal is not important to you, if it is not something you deeply want, you probably will not achieve it. On the other hand, if your goal means everything to you, there is no excuse on earth that can stop you from accomplishing your goals.

Setting distant goals, you do not plan to deal with until much later is easy; you can declare you will do anything in the future at no cost to you now. When the time comes to begin working toward your goal, you can push back the date. While you can repeat this process over and over, it eventually becomes a habit of procrastination, which will endanger your objectives and undermine your drive. You must remain merciless to your excuses. The real reason most people fail to accomplish their goals is they think the process is boring. They believe that doing the same thing day in and day out is not sexy. But I have news for you: consistency is sexy, accomplishing your goals is sexy, and being focused is sexy.

Each day, ask yourself, “What must I do today in order to know that I am on track to achieve my goals?” By handling things this way, you can get started right away on your quest to fulfill your objectives. Plus, this process gives you a clear track to follow, and it reminds you that achieving your goals requires focused attention and daily work. There is not time to accept excuses… once you accept that you give everything in your life its meaning and begin the journey toward self-mastery.

Hasheem Francis is the Co-founder and CEO of Built To Prosper Companies. Hasheem Francis is a best selling author, keynote speaker, recognized industry thought leader, and an expert on executive business and leadership development.

Mindfulness In The Electronic Workplace

Mindfulness is being used by organisations all over the planet. Companies, defence forces, government bodies, universities and the person on the street are all using it daily to help them at work and in life. Mindfulness programs cover things such as leadership, communication, stress and even depression and anxiety. The key ways in which mindfulness is helpful to people in a digital workplace are first keeping focus in the midst of disruptions and second awareness of the impact electronic devices are having upon our wellbeing and productivity.


What is mindfulness? In its simplest form, mindfulness means awareness. It is paying attention and attending to the present moment without judgement.

It is being used as a tool for focus, to improve productivity, to manage stress and mental health, to improve resilience, to improve leadership, emotional intelligence and communication skills. It is providing executives and their staff with a new way of working. With mindfulness training you are more able to successfully prioritise, be focused, be more efficient, ignore distractions, grow emotional intelligence, more easily deal with conflict and feel better.

Mindfulness gives us the ability to keep our perspective and focus (no matter what is going on around us). It helps us to consider alternative courses of action calmly with the intelligent area of our brain, rather than reacting thoughtlessly with the more primitive part of our brain which usually takes over when we are feeling stressed or under pressure. Mindfulness helps us to remain calm and not get caught in the grip of emotion when things around us begin to get ‘busy’.

How Can We Practice Mindfulness In The Digital Age

Mindfulness training can be done any time you have a few spare moments. You close your eyes, come back into the present moment and focus on your breath. Sure it is fabulous if you can do it for twenty minutes every day, but if you can’t, take what you can get.

Start your working day with ten minutes of mindfulness while your laptop boots up. Sit quietly and bring yourself into the present moment. Focus on your breath and leave behind all the things that happened at home in the morning. Bring your attention to your breath and the moment you are in. When you have done ten minutes of training, turn your mind and your attention to what you aim to achieve during the day.

Here are seven other ways you can incorporate the power of mindful pauses into your working day:

1. When your phone rings: Take three deep breaths to centre yourself, come into the moment and turn your focus to the phone call before picking up the phone. This enables you to turn your attention from what you were doing to the person who is on the other end of the phone.

2. Before checking email: We have an almost manic urge to check email as soon as an alert sounds or we want a mental break from what we are doing. Instead of giving into these impulsive urges, try waiting ten breaths before checking your email.

3. When you’re checking social media: In the same way, we yearn to check email to see if there is anything exciting happening, we also have the urge to check our social media. We wonder how many people have responded or what others are doing that you didn’t know about. Notice the thoughts you have as you read each item. How does it make you feel, what do you think? How do you feel before and after you check social media? Is there any element of unhealthy thinking or feeling associated with what you are doing?

4. Leave your mobile phone behind or turn it off: This is a challenge for most people. We live in a world where we feel compelled to check it while we are driving or watching the movies. Notice any addictive habits you have and try leaving your phone behind every now and then. Turn it off at night and see if it gives you a better night’s sleep. Put it in your bag or in a drawer at work, rather than leave it on your desk top. Notice how you feel when you don’t have it with you. Be aware of the experience without any judgment, it is what it is.

5. When you’re working on the computer: Notice what happens to your energy levels while you are working at your computer. Do they sag after a while? How long before they sag? What do you do when your energy starts to get low? How are you sitting in the chair?

6. When you’re waiting: Our days seem to be filled with moments of waiting. We wait for the bus, we wait in the traffic, we wait for the printer, we wait for someone to answer the phone. Waiting and the patience it requires are a part of our lives. How do you feel when you have to wait? Do you become agitated? Does it help? Is there a better way to fill the time you are waiting? Would it be possible for you to take three deep breaths and allow yourself to relax without doing anything and without feeling negative while you are waiting?

7. Meetings: Do you take electronic devices into meetings? How focused are you on the meeting? How would it feel if you left your electronic devices behind and focused your attention on the meeting? Could you contribute in a more meaningful way? Would the meeting finish sooner if everyone did the same thing? Some organisations now have baskets at the meeting room door for you to leave electronic devices in. If the meeting organiser sees you on an electronic device during the meeting, you will be asked to leave the room if you have something more important to attend to than the meeting? What difference would that make in your organisation?

Mindfulness brings some of our digital behaviours into awareness. Awareness leads to self-empowerment. Once we are aware of our behaviours we can then release our automatic reactions and make conscious choices about how we are spending our time and energy during the working day.

Benefits of Using a Waste Management Business

Waste is being generated everywhere we look from household to industrial, medical to hazardous and chemical; our planet is becoming consumed by waste and there is no hiding from it. It is all too easy to ignore this growing problem of increasing waste plaguing our world and taking thousands of years to decompose – if at all.

No longer can we turn a blind eye to the suffering of our land, sea and air as well as global warming – say hello to the birth of the waste management industry, here to save the day.

Whilst waste matter isn’t the nicest of discussion points, it is a vitally important topic which needs to be addressed in order to protect our environment from further hazardous and chemical substances. A world without frequent and proper waste disposal would be a world that horror movies are made from; deadly mountains of toxic trash slowly killing all life forms and destroying our environment once and for all.

I’m sure that if you are reading this, you feel confident in your own life that you ‘do your part’ by recycling when possible and taking your bins out on rubbish day. Small and large businesses are producing a significantly higher amount of waste but may still feel satisfied that they are disposing of waste correctly by passing it on to an outside waste management provider and wiping their hands clean.

It is essential that you – as a business – not only hire a professional waste service to dispose of your waste but that you trust your waste management company and know with utmost certainty that your waste is being transported and destroyed legally and safely. By choosing a quality waste transport and disposal company, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting more for your money, first-class customer service and peace of mind that your waste is being disposed of correctly.

Whether you are a small or large business, hiring a specialised waste collection company will make your life easier and provide a tonne of advantages. Here we look at some of the central benefits of expert waste collection and waste removal.

• Get your waste management service to do the dirty work; you save time and money!

Time is of the essence and when you’re trying to run a successful business, dealing with waste matters can eat up a lot of time, resources and money. By hiring a professional waste management team, you can save your time, resources (and often money) by focussing on your business and letting the expert waste staff deal with your waste discreetly and efficiently.

• Health & safety is paramount in the workplace; safeguard your employees and yourself.

It is your responsibility to make sure your staff have a safe environment to work in. You can maintain the health and safety of your workforce by employing a dedicated waste management service who will ensure that your hazardous or chemical waste is professionally removed regularly to reduce the risk of health issues.

• You are reducing your carbon footprint and making huge difference to the future of our planet.

By selecting an environmentally friendly waste management company you can be confident that any waste which can be recycled or reused will be. When your business starts working together with a reputable waste management service, you can expect your profits and productivity to increase significantly as sustainability is highly regarded and you can be proud to be environmentally conscious.

• Managing your waste professionally is win-win in the public eye.

Once you establish a solid relationship with your waste management company, you can advertise the fact that you are actively recycling, reusing and disposing of your waste in an environmentally mindful way. This will do wonders for your company’s image as well as promoting proper waste management to your clients and customers.

• Greener, cleaner living; it’s a way of life.

Maintaining your waste free work environment will become easy once your waste management team regularly visit. A clean work place is far more inviting to potential clients and your employees will quickly reap the benefits of a greener workplace. By having a dedicated waste management company on hand to help you eliminate waste from your business, you and your employees will soon realise the health benefits as well as the time and money savings it delivers.

• More than just a waste management service; on-site training and team knowledge building.

A great waste management company will go one step further and help your business to become fully educated in waste management. A good company will offer you specialised Health & Safety Training, Chemical Safety Training, Environmental Compliance Training and more. If you’re looking for ways to decrease waste across your company or you’re struggling to meet budgets with your recycling and waste, an effective waste management team of professionals will be more than happy to help you.

By choosing an honest, reliable and customer focussed waste management company you will certainly be saving money, time and resources as well as have the opportunity to enjoy a complete service tailored to your business’ particular needs.

Raising the Stakes in the Workplace

I had the pleasure of working on a project this week that opened my eyes to something very meaningful. In fact, I learned something that I believe could make a huge difference in workplace turnover and productivity. It is not a new concept, but one that has been overlooked for far too long.

The project involved putting together email letters that were being sent to new employees at 3, 6 and 9 month intervals. The emails were targeted towards different level employees with a focus on making them feel welcome and comfortable in their new positions and to find out how they were doing. These were by no means typical or standard follow-up emails, but were genuine, personal messages to find out how employees were progressing in their positions.

Behind the concept was the premise that most new employees are just dumped into a position and left to their own devices as they figure things out for themselves. However, a smart company understands that although growing a business and making money is important, building upon stable, satisfied employees is the key to future success.

In this particular case, the human resource professional had tremendous insight into turnover and productivity and was sincerely reaching out to know how things were going for the new employees. It was clear that the HR person was willing to hear what these employees really felt and so each email included pointed questions, which allowed the employee to provide truthful feedback.

I spoke about the idea with a few people and their comments were eye-opening. In fact, the feedback I received from employees and employers alike spoke volumes as everyone thought the idea should be implemented in every workplace situation. Most said that whether a smaller or larger company, people need to know they matter and that their presence is of value. One person I spoke with told me that he had always wished he had the opportunity to explain how he felt on the first day of a new job. He remembered feeling less than valuable and wished that someone had made him feel like he was truly wanted. He could tell by the lack of interest by other team members and the company itself that he wasn’t going to enjoy the experience based on his initial entry into the job. Guess what? He didn’t enjoy it and in only a few short months, he gave his notice.

It is in fact costly and unproductive to go through the onboard experience, yet show little interest in a new employee’s progression. It’s simply a waste of time and money when employers put their heads in the sand by not bothering to hear what their employees think at different stages of the position. I was sincerely struck by the idea of reaching out to employees in such a valuable and caring way and I was delighted to see that the human resource person had such deep insight into the process. She was aware that in today’s market, not only is it difficult for someone to begin a new job, it is also expensive for the company. The truth is, when an employer shows interest in what’s happening, it makes a world of difference to workplace turnover and productivity.

Of course, there are going to be times, when an employee might be afraid to tell the truth for fear of losing the job or there may be intense criticism offered, which could be hard on the employer. But, in truth, if employers would be willing to accept feedback and to hear what employees have to say about their experience at different stages of the work situation, there would probably be far less turnover at many companies and a lot more positive outcomes.

Copyright July 2017

Charlene Rashkow brings over 20 years of experience as a Writing Stylist and Author. She has successfully helped thousands of companies and individuals reach their objectives by helping them create a multitude of business and personal documents. Charlene thrives on writing original articles, press releases, bios, website content, business plans, proposals, resumes, letters, non-fiction books and all other forms of written material.

5 Ways in Which a Data Cleansing Company Can Help Your Business

The world of trade and commerce has become very complicated as well as competitive. So, you need to be at the top of your game to become successful. Most of the business processes in a business organisation today are completely data driven. Hence, the importance of data obtained plays a key role in determining the success of your business. But it is more important to have accurate data so that you can make accurate decisions.

Dealing with incomplete or inaccurate data is something that every entrepreneur faces. Though it may seem impossible to get rid of this problem but there is an easy solution available. Of course, the answer lies in data cleansing. Most of the people do confuse data cleansing with data appending services. But former is actually a part of data appending. But to properly cleanse your data, you will have to first take the aid of a data cleansing company.

How can a data cleansing enterprise help your business? Well, let’s find out:

  • Helps you to easily analyse the data:

Analysing the data obtained appropriately is not possible unless the data you have obtained is complete and completely accurate. Running analysis with inappropriate data will provide you with inaccurate results; so it will become hard for you to understand the position of your business in the market. Moreover, you will not also understand how your products are doing among the people. Therefore, it is important to cleanse your data precisely such that you can run the easy analysis. So, professional data cleansing services from a company are what you will need to reach your goal.

  • Maximizing the collections of the revenue:

Any business which uses data cleansing precisely can easily generate huge revenues. With proper data cleansing, you will be able to understand the demographics as well as the interests of the customer groups. Hence, you can accordingly in order to generate huge revenues. Moreover, it will also help you to create new loyal customer bases for your company.

  • Building long and efficient email lists:

Email marketing is an important marketing strategy for every business. It not only helps you to gain more leads but it also helps greatly to transform target customer groups into loyal client bases. But for your email marketing campaigns to become successful, you will require a proper email list. And that is something which you can easily achieve with the aid of data cleansing.

  • Increases productivity:

Analysing tonnes of inaccurate data and taking actions based upon those results can be the cause of low productivity of your business. This is because; your employees lose a large amount of time in dealing with the corrupt data. But with proper data cleansing, this problem can easily be resolved and the high productivity of your business can easily be restored.

  • Helps you to make better decisions:

In the businesses today, decision making is completely data driven. Hence, erroneous data reports can compel you to take wrong decisions; unless you avail professional data cleansing services. Once your data is cleaned properly then you will be able to take better decisions in order to secure the success.With the increasing significance of these services, finding an efficient data appending organisation has become a must necessity.

Well, it is much of a hard work to find a proficient appending company unless you come to us. At Global Zest Business Solution Inc, we are proud to present ourselves as one of the leading data appending company in the industry. Most excellent services of highest possible quality are something that we assure our clients about. Bring the jolt of efficiency into your business with proper guidance from Global Zest Business.