The Advantages of Parquet Flooring

Consider flooring options for your home renovation project. ServiceMarket strongly suggests parquet floors as an enhancement for your home.

Looks amazing!

The geometric mosaic of wood pieces will improve the aesthetics of your home. Designers created this flooring with decorative purposes in mind. Dubai Parquet flooring, which varies in type, color, and grain, can complement any interior design.

Adds value

If you intend to sell your property at some point, having parquet flooring boosts its resale value on the real estate market. Parquet floors blend the timeless beauty of hardwood floors with the originality of mosaics, making them a popular flooring option.


The use of solid chunks of hardwood makes it a long-lasting flooring option. High-traffic areas can utilize it as flooring because it does not scratch easily. Professional flooring handymen in Dubai can properly install a parquet floor, ensuring it survives for up to 50 years without major repairs or resurfacing.

Simple to clean

To keep these floors clean, simply vacuum or use a broom and mop. Spills are simply cleaned up. To prevent scratches, use non-abrasive wipes.

There are several alternatives to select from

You have the option of selecting the wood varieties for your parquet floors. This gives you a variety of colors to play with. Common contrasting woods include oak, walnut, cherry, and maple. A more expensive option is mahogany. You have the option to choose the floor’s pattern. Herringbone is the most popular pattern. Other designs include Hungarian Point, Brick Style, Basket, and Chevron. Some people want to mix things up! They combine wood and tiles to create distinctive patterns in their home.

Easily resurfaced

Like any other hardwood floor, a parquet floor can endure numerous standings and refinishes before requiring replacement. Better yet, a well-laid, newly placed parquet floor will not require sanding or refinishing for decades.


Parquet floors are an ideal alternative for allergy sufferers and young children who are at risk of acquiring allergies. Unlike carpets, parquet flooring does not allow dust or other allergies to hide.

The Advantages of Parquet Flooring